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John Giduck Joe Bail: Timeline Supports $20k+ Honorarium For Consulting Services

The evidence is mounting that POW Network listed military poser John Giduck and Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail engaged in some fairly odd and legally questionable behavior in 2007. Why is this important?  The Chester Pennsylvania City Council might find this very interesting as they struggle with Mayor Linder in court as to who can hire and fire the Chester Police Commissioner position currently occupied by Joe Bail. The City Council needs to know this and take appropriate action.

Before we start this story, we want to send a shout out the guys that do the real work on the Chester PA police force who we ve heard all read this blog. You guys ROCK!  Too bad that you lions are being led by a lamb who is more interested in using you than leading you.

we told you before that we have a lot of information about Joe Bail s odd relationships with john Giduck that raise serious questions.  We have quite a few more articles to publish that are even more scathing than this one. Let s get started.

Here is what this blog post will demonstrate:

— Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Joe Bail entered into a 2007 contract with John Giduck s Archangel Group that resulted in a gift to a team commanded by Joe Bail that exceeded the $500 limit provided by PA State law for public employees working with any outside businesses.

— The timeline for Joseph Bail s consulting activities in 2007 clearly supports a case for the gift provided to Chester PA actually being an honorarium for Joe Bail s participation in a published work while moonlighting as a consultant for Archangel Group.

Let s walk together through the evidence .

Joe Bail Consults With Archangel Group While A Serving PA Public Official

Joe Bail worked as a consultant with John Giduck s Archangel Group in 2007 on a project involving the investigation of the Virginia Tech shooting.  The highlights are noted in Archangel Group s own documents:

So, in 2007, Joe Bail was a currently serving police official in Chester PA, worked on the dive team among myriad other oversight responsibilities, and made every trip to VA Tech/Blacksburg in 2007. The results of Joe Bail s consulting efforts are contained in a number of publications and studies, including the book, Shooter Down! co-authored by John Giduck and Joe Bail.

John Giduck and Archangel Group spelled out how expenses were handled.

So, we ll give Archangel Group the benefit of the doubt here and assume that a professional state attorney or federal investigator would find that Joe Bail covered his own expenses and worked without compensation solely out of the goodness of his heart.  Awww ..

Timeline Supports That Joe Bail Entered Into An Illegal $20,000+ Contract

Here is the timeline in question:

— 16 April 2007:   Virginia Tech shootings occur.

— 17/18 April 2007: First Archangel trip occurs.  As noted above in Archangel documents, Joe Bail made every trip so it is reasonable to assume that he made this trip.

— 8 May 2007: Archangel Group s Preliminary report about Virginia Tech shootings are released.  Capt Joe Bail, Chester (PA) Police Department participated in the report.

— 30 August 2007: initial deadline for completion of the final Archangel Group Virginia Tech report

The above details are confirmed in the following Delco Times article:

Bail and his colleagues, Aston native John Giduck, a senior consultant and instructor with the Archangel Group, and Chris Hayes, a SWAT team leader from Orange County, Calif. were on the Blacksburg, Va. campus for about a week. They talked to students, faculty members, state and local law enforcement officers, members of the emergency responding crews and townspeople in an attempt to get an unbiased account of what happened at Virginia Tech.

The group is putting together a report that will be made available to police organizations across the country, such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Certain details of the report, which should be completed by August, will be made public. But for obvious reasons, the tactical details will not.

— 9 October 2007:   John Giduck s Archangel Group gifts a $20,784 Zodiac dive boat to the City of Chester Police Dive Team.  Police Captain Joseph Bail commands the Chester PA Police Dive team. (see Joe Bail bio screen capture posted above).  The below captured documents the gift by the John Giduck owned non-profit doing business as Archangel Group as part of their public domain IRS filings as a non-profit.

note that the Foreign Threat Assessment Center does business as Archangel Group and, as proof, the  above document was signed by John Judas Andy Anderson.

The usual suspects participated in this action  Giduck, Bail, and Anderson. Here you were thinking that Joe Bail was working out of the goodness of his heart. Right? Perhaps our usual suspects thought that no one would notice the connection.  Someone did .

— 18 November 2007:  Delco Times prints an article that attributes the gift of the zodiac boat to Archangel Group due to Joe Bail s efforts :

Now, thanks to the Archangel Group, a nonprofit organization that provides security and anti-terror training, and a number of other key players, Chester police have a new tool in their arsenal  a brand new Zodiac Pro 9 boat, a version of the assault craft used by the Navy Seals. [sic]

Out of all the agencies there around the area I grew up in, Chester is one that I think is one of the most forward-thinking, certainly with regards to SWAT commanders and dive team leaders, said John Giduck, a Sun Valley High School graduate and founder of the Archangel Group.

Giduck, who has trained Chester officers, saw a need in the city and convinced Archangel s board to deviate from its policy and pick up the tab for the Zodiac.

Part of our goal is to support the law-enforcement agencies we work with, said Giduck, who provides training across the U.S. and throughout the world. Very few departments in the country have tactical waterborne capability. Many have dive teams that are search-and-recovery teams. But through Capt. Bail, Chester is making an effort to develop true waterborne capability.

Note how John Giduck conveniently omits that Joe Bail had just finished working a consulting contract with no reimbursement just two months prior to the gift.

The Immoral Actions And Clear Conflicts of Interest on The Part of Police Commissioner Joseph Bail

Let s look at how the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act looks at the above consulting and resulting $20,000 gift .

Honorarium.   Payment made in recognition of published works . appearances, speeches and presentations and which is not intended as consideration for the value of such services which are nonpublic occupational or professional in nature. The term does not include tokens presented or provided which are of de minimis economic impact.

Contract.   An agreement or arrangement for the acquisition, use or disposal by the Commonwealth or a political subdivision of consulting or other services or of supplies, materials, equipment, land or other personal or real property. The term shall not mean an agreement or arrangement between the State or political subdivision as one party and a public official or public employee as the other party, concerning his expense, reimbursement, salary, wage, retirement or other benefit, tenure or other matters in consideration of his current public employment with the Commonwealth or a political subdivision.

Zodiac Pro 550

§ 1103.  Restricted activities

(d)    Honorarium. No public official or public employee shall accept an honorarium.

(f)    Contract. No public official or public employee or his spouse or child or any business in which the person or his spouse or child is associated shall enter into any contract valued at $500 or more with the governmental body with which the public official or public employee is associated or any subcontract valued at $500 or more with any person who has been awarded a contract with the governmental body with which the public official or public employee is associated, unless the contract has been awarded through an open and public process, including prior public notice and subsequent public disclosure of all proposals considered and contracts awarded. In such a case, the public official or public employee shall not have any supervisory or overall responsibility for the implementation or administration of the contract. Any contract or subcontract made in violation of this subsection shall be voidable by a court of competent jurisdiction if the suit is commenced within 90 days of the making of the contract or subcontract.

— Then-Capt. Bail s consulting with Archangel Group resulted in the publication of a published work (see honorarium definition and restricted activity clause)

— There was clearly an agreement between Joe Bail and Archangel Group for the acquisition and use of the $20,000 Zodiac boat by the City of Chester Dive Team commanded by then Capt. Joseph Bail. If there wasn t an agreement, how did the $20,000 zodiac boat from Archangel show up on Joe Bail s dive team?

— Chester PA Police Capt. Joseph Bail entered into a contract valued at more than $500 (actually in the amount of $20,000) with Archangel Group which is a business that Joe Bail was involved with while a public employee.

— This points to a clear violation of ethics rules in place in the State of Pennsylvania and applies to local municipalities such as Chester.

How Can You Help?

Are you in Chester?  You should be on the phone right now to your city council.  Send them here to examine the evidence on their own.

I also believe that these Joseph Bail s activities warrant further investigation by the Pennsylvania State Attorney s Office.

How To Contact The State Attorney General

Mailing Address:

Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

16th Floor, Strawberry Square

Harrisburg, PA 17120



or we can just let Joe Bail get away with what appears to be a clear violation of PA law. The press should jump all over this one.

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