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. 1-7. 15291752992

( during the but at he gets and eats A?A panda dog C?A D?A giraffe

)2?梂hen you抮e where can get something eat?


a pool a restaurant a garden a library )3?When I up, I a football A?be B?to C?am D?are

)4?It抯________ in when it抯 in China. B?hot C?winter

( )5?Look! is_____ her Her room always_______. A?clean, B?clean, cleaning clean D?cleaning, ( )6?梂here you going,

桰 want do some I抦 going the______.

A?home C?park D?mall

)7?梍________? 桰t抯 to the A?Is there bank here? this the C?Excuse me, the bank, D?Does your work in bank?

( late, and very busy people go to dinners. waiter B?A clerk C?A D?A nurse )9?What抯 Jim over there? his friends. B?talking with D?talk ( is a in________. A?the B?Canada C?Australia

( )11?There抯____ pay phone to______ post A?a, the a C?a, D?an, the

)12?桾hank you much. 梍_________. thanks B?You抮e C?Don抰 thank D?All right

)13?桰抣l go a school hope you a good


A?Thanks. too. C?Sure, will. D?You ( )14?梍________? fat and height. A?What he do old is C?What does look like is he

( )15?Can Canadians__________ French? they can. B?say C?tell (10?)

The is shining it抯 very people don抰 Mrs West to(. ) father at airport. Her doesn抰 feel he wants see a the city

Now she抯 the street. no trees she feels But she抯 and can抰 fast(?). Suddenly finds(??) a behind her. gets angry her face red. 揥hy you walking boy??She asks 揑t抯 cooler? boy answers. )16?A?But B?Because D?Then ( B?dinner C?supper ( )18?A?watch C?help D?ask

)19?A?nurse B?waiter D?doctor ( B?walks C?walk walk ( B?is C?are ( )22?A?cold C?relaxed D?hot )23?A?happy B?fat D?tall ( B?man C?woman

( )25?A?on front of D?across from. A

In morning, Mr comes into garden. He too much in the Mr

Martin to take car out, he asks cleaner to the road(?) his garage(??) the gate. says to cleaner, 揇on抰 any snow the flowers on the And don抰 any into street, or policeman will he goes

When he back, the is clean. is no on the on the or in street. But he opens garage to

his car he sees: is full snow, the from the and his is under snow!

( is the like?___________ A?It抯 hot. B?It抯 C?It抯 cold windy. ( cleans the on the ___________ A?Mr B?A policeman.C?Mrs D?A cleaner.

)28?Why can抰 cleaner put snow into street? _____ there抯 too snow, too the policeman come. C?Because are flowers the street. there抯 a in the

( )29?Where the snow the cleaner the road?

A?On the B?In the C?In the D?We don抰

( )30?What Mr Martin of the ___________ A?He smart. B?He a right C?He does wrong thing. helps Mr B

One Mrs Jones shopping alone(. When Mr comes home the evening, begins to him about beautiful dress. see it a shop morning,?she says, 揂nd you to buy Mr Jones, much is pounds.?Every evening, Mr Jones back from his wife on talking about the And at after a he says, buy the Here抯 the is very But the evening, when Jones comes and asks, you got famous(. ) says, 揘o.?Why says. 揥ell, is still the window the shop a week. think nobody wants this So I it is a good )31?Mrs Jones shopping_________ one A?with Mr B?with her C?by herself the other

Windy 27 CC

( )32?Mrs tells Mr about the every day

A?it is beautiful B?she the shop wants Mr to buy for her likes it much ( Jones is happy after________. Jones agree(??) buy it her

B?Mr Jones her the for the C?she gets beautiful dress

sees the is still the shop

( )34?Mr thinks it抯 famous dress A?it is beautiful dress is in shop window a week wife has D?his wife about it and again )35?From the we can A?Mrs Jones a housewife, doesn抰 have money B?Mr doesn抰 like wife

C?Mr comes home lunch every

D?Mrs Jones like the if others them. (10?)

with his in Canada.

are playing_________(??) some are 38?Pandas are of shy, please be__________(??). supermarket is the____________(?) Avenue. is coming, turn yellow. He抯__________(??) at pool.

42?On _____(. ) in summer, like to to the 43?How抯 the ___________(??) good. likes___________(?) books.

many animals the___________(. ).

. (B).



( ) is your music group? It wasn抰 good ( 2. Why you like B. My group is ( ) Does Mary to be singer? C. I like.

) 4. was your D.Because they抮e ( ) Would you green peppers No she

on your F. No, you

Windy 27 CC
Windy 27 CC
Windy 27 CC
Windy 27 CC
Windy 27 CC
Windy 27 CC
Windy 27 CC
Windy 27 CC


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