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What Do Carbohydrates Do? Discover the Truth That Low Carb Diets Gurus Do Not Want You to Know

Through the media you can always here terms like no carb diet or low carb diet, sometimes you hear that carbs are good for you and sometimes you here that they are really bad causing you being overweight. But no matter what anybody says, your body really needs the carbs. They produce glucose which gives us energy. Not only this energy feeds our brain, but also our muscles. If you want to know what carbohydrates do, just take a look at cars driving around. They need also energy to move us around and they take it from gas. Our body takes it from glucose.It’s that simple.Now you know we need this form of energy to keep us going like energizer bunnies. What many are confused is about the bad carbs and good carbs.So what do carbohydrates do for our body exactly?I will not over complicate things, but you need to know that bad carbs are the ones that turn quickly to glucose. That will cause our insulin levels up, you will feel a cool energy burst, but after while you will feel tired.For normal person this burst is not healthy and its main cause people are overweight. And the reason is because the energy does not keep you going and your body will ask for more of this energy — therefore you will eat a lot more of bad carb choices.Sample of foods containing these bad carbs It is everything with processed sugar like coke, white bread, cookies, chocolate, cakes etc. Good carbs have the ability to keep you full for longer period of time. So when you ingest this good carbohydrates, your body will time-release the energy needed for certain activity. This way, you will have feeling that you are full even after two hours or more.When you eat these good carbohydrates your metabolism levels are always in fat burning mode rather then fat storing mode. So if you eat smaller foods containing good sugars, you will burn fat, have great energy and never feel tired again.The best good carbs are the ones having small to medium levels of Glycemic Index or GI. Like whole wheats, nuts, cantaloupe, carrots etc. You can find a lot of books about all the food in glycemic index.As you can see what do carbohydrates do for our bodies is extremely important if you know which ones are good and which ones are bad. We need carbohydrates to function properly so do not listen those weight loss gurus who want to keep you on low carb diet. Like for example Atkins Diet.You will get really cranky and will not have enough energy to help you finish your daily tasks.

Learn more about what do carbohydrates do and other weight loss dieting tips. Visit for more weight loss tips.

Larson 850

What Do You Need in Kitchen Cleaning Supplies?

What Guitar Pick Should You Use?

There are so many different styles and sizes of guitar picks, and of course so many different ways to use guitar picks, but some picks work better for certain jobs on the guitar. Let’s take a look at some of these.You have thin picks, medium picks, and heavy picks, and any one of these will do for playing guitar, but it also depends on HOW you want to play guitar.For instance, a lot of beginning guitar players instantly start out with a thin guitar pick. Thin guitar picks work really well for strumming chords on an acoustic guitar, and they also work well for strumming chords fast.The down fall of the thin guitar pick, is that its not very well suited for picking out individual notes on the guitar. Don’t get me wrong, you can certainly do this with a thin guitar pick, but you’re not going to want to try and play anything fast using a thin pick.The other downfall with using the thin pick, is that it produces a strong strumming noise when it brushes through the strings. This sound can sometimes over-ride the actual sound of the chords, or can simply be distracting.Perhaps you like this sound, and it really comes down to a matter of preference. For instance, you may find that this sound adds a lot to the rhythm of a song if you are doing some recording, and then it might even depend on the type of song itself.Medium guitar picks are a great way to go for beginning guitar players, because as you probably guessed, they are some where in between. Medium guitar picks don’t give you as much of that overruling brush sound that thin picks do, and picking out individual notes is a lot easier at faster speeds.Medium picks work well for many different styles of music, including rock chords, but if you want to evolve to rock music’s evil step child, heavy metal, then you will probably want to use a heavy guitar pick.These picks don’t bow down to the resistance that guitar strings put up. In other words, heavy guitar picks break through the extreme tension of the guitar strings, allowing you to play chords or notes and intricate rhythms much faster, and if you are playing a style of music that involves a heavy use of distortion, you’ll be able to get a lot more chunk out of your chords and palm muting with this type of pick.Final AdviceWhen in doubt — try ’em all out!

Larson 850
Larson 850
Larson 850
Larson 850
Larson 850
Larson 850

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