Marine Business: Sanctuary Cove — International Boat show preview

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Grand Banks 41 Heritage EU

Sanctuary Cove — International Boat show preview

01 May 2009

Visitors to the 21st Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show can expect to be impressed by upgraded pavilions and dozens of world and Australian marine product launches.

Long known as the place where the marine business does business, exhibitors indicate to us that Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is integral to their companies’ marketing plans.

We have been pleased by the very positive response from the marine sector to this year’s event with more than 80 new exhibitors and literally dozens of world and Australian releases of boats, engines, accessories and exciting new marine services. There are not only exhibitors and distributors from Australia but exhibitors from New Zealand, the US, Taiwan, the Netherlands and China.

As usual, this year’s Show has a huge array of marine products and services amongst more than 370 exhibitors.

The 2009 Show has a combined pavilion display of more than 8400sqm, an increase from 2008. The Super Yacht pavilion has almost doubled in size featuring glass walls on two sides, presenting a spectacular view to the marina.

As in past years, the marina offers a superb backdrop for on-water displays while hard-stand exhibits are situated around the upmarket Marine Village at Sanctuary Cove.

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is a significant economic event for Queensland and Australia.

A major Griffith University research study found last year’s event generated a direct economic impact of more than $310 million to the Gold Coast.

Major power boat releases include new models from Allan Barnett Motor Yachts, Maritimo and Riviera. New boats from brands such as Sunseeker, Salthouse Marine, Formula Cruisers, Fleming Yachts, Endurance by Hampton Yachts and Outer Reef Yachts will also be unveiled.

Many Australian manufacturers are showcasing new power boats on the world stage with global debuts from CJH Yachts, Koya Corporation, Markham Marine, Montebello Yachts, Navigator 42 by Norman R Wright and Sons and Southern Clipper Boats.

Major sailing brands are also at the Show including Lightwave, Hunter and Marten Yachts to name a few.

The Show generates significant interest from the marine industry. Major engine and propeller companies stage Australian launches at the Show. Innovation also comes under the spotlight encompassing boat building materials, environmental cleaning products, electronics, marine designers and deck hardware suppliers.

Sanctuary Cove has spent many years building the international profile of the event. Our international marketing has seen Barry Jenkins in his role as manager events and international relations attend a range of boat shows and business meetings in countries including the United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore and India.

In changes for the 2009 Show, the marina displays have been reconfigured to ensure there is a spacious water transport drop off area for pre-arranged water taxi and ferry transfers.

The full details of the streamlined transport options available to visitors (there is no on site parking) is available through the Boat Show website at

Tickets are available online and you can also book accommodation.

Boat show news and products

Finscan, the world’s first marine biometrics manufacturer, has released a new range of products that will eliminate the need for keys using fingerprint technology. The products have been developed specifically for use on boats, and have been designed with the unforgiving marine environment in mind. The products, in combination, will cater for cabin entry, power switching (including battery isolation), and engine starting. All taken care of without the use of a key. A boat owner simply needs to place their finger on the sensor for authentication, and that’s it, the FinScan products take care of the rest. This eliminates the need to remember keys, manage key floats, manage multiple key sets at marinas and boat shares, or worry about children starting engines accidentally.

The technology incorporates a fingerprint sensor on each device capable of storing hundreds of fingerprint templates, and a controller that performs the automated task after a fingerprint is authenticated.

The FinScan devices have been designed for easy installation, with a wireless communication option to allow fingerprint sensing devices to be installed anywhere on a boat, without the need to string wiring between them.

The Bio eStart engine touch starting device is available in Single or Dual configuration to cater for wake boats through to superyachts. The device works on gasoline or diesel engines and incorporates a fingerprint sensor for each engine, LED indicators, LED back lighting, start / stop buttons and an automatic blower control mode when the ignition is enabled to improve safety.

Unlike other devices that require a code to be remembered and entered, the Bio eStart simply needs a finger touched on its sensor, one of the templates in memory to match, and the ignition and start button is enabled with nothing to remember but your finger.

All of FinScan’s products will be on display at the 2009 Sanctuary Cove boat show. For more information visit

Marten 49 Debut at SCIBS

The Marten 49 will make its Queensland debut at the 2009 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. The cruiser-racer, constructed by Australian yacht builder Azzura Marine, has attracted clients from across the world including London, Germany and the Mediterranean through to Auckland, Sydney and Perth. This latest addition to the Marten fleet will mark the first to be built for a Queenslander.

Marten Yachts brand manager Jason Rowed said Queensland is an exciting market for the Marten brand.

Marten’s innovative hydraulic lifting keel is perfectly suited to Queensland’s shallow waterways, said Rowed.

In addition we are seeing more clubs impose draft restrictions in respect to marina berths, and this is something that can be easily overcome given the technology applied to the Marten build.

WAECO PerfectPower PP152, PP402 and PP602 inverters turn 12 volt battery voltage into 240 volts AC. The all-new model generation combines state-of-the-art power technology with enhanced installation and operating comfort. For example, the adjustable clip-on mounts which can be attached as required by the mounting conditions you have. Or the extra output for connecting the unit to a dashboard-mount ON/OFF switch.

Handy features such as surge and short-circuit-proof, high and low-voltage shutdown and reverse polarity protection fuse, paired with top product quality and perfect design make the new PerfectPower inverters a must-see at the show.

WAECO has also released the SinePower MSP 2012 sine wave inverter, which generates an amazing 2000 watts of continuous power. The MSP 2012 will also cope with power-intensive appliances.

Visit the Dometic WAECO stand (241-3)at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and also see the wide range of portable refrigeration and other mobile technology such as washing machines, dish washers and sanitation.

WAECO celebrates 10 years in Australia

Portable refrigeration provider WAECO is celebrating 10 years in Australia.

Established in high-technology headquarters in Germany 35 years ago, WAECO has developed a wide range of mobile technology for people on the move.

Today, WAECO has become a trusted household brand and widely recognised in the marine industry. WAECO was acquired by the Swedish-based Dometic Group in 2007.

Outdoor speakers

Fusion has just released its new Marine Outdoor speakers ( MS-BX402 ). These speakers are not only useful for your boat but are great for outside use at your home — around the pool, out on the deck or the verandah. The box speakers are popular because they are so easy to install and with True-Marine protection they can go anywhere. The MS-BX402’s comply with IP-X5 waterproof standards and feature a fully sealed cross-over, magnet and tweeter housing with waterproof cone and surrounds.

Fison said these speakers sound clean and clear due to the use of a titanium tweeter and have a highly efficient 120 Watts of power. Retailing at only $149 for a pair, Fusion says they can be used on any boat or at any home.

Fusion does it again.

Fusion has announced the arrival of its latest new product. The new MS-AV600 builds on the innovative functionality of the 500 series with the added advantage of a combined CD / DVD player. Plug in Fusion’s unique i-Pod dock and you now have a full entertainment package that is un-beatable.

Rated True-Marine this product is not a car stereo reassigned for marine use. Instead, Fusion have incorporated a range of easy-to-use features and for unparalleled on water performance. The new MS-AV600 features attractive new styling to complement the rest of a boat’s on-board electronics. A large, crisp LCD screen with adjustable backlighting allows for multiple lines of text for even easier use on boats. Featuring the latest amplifier technology has allowed this unit to not only be the most powerful on the market but use less power.

Two years of design and research in NZ have ensured that your on-water listening and viewing experience is unbeatable.

Underwater inspection

Visitors to this year’s SCIBS will be able to check out the new AC-ROV.

At just 203mm x 152mm x 146mm and weighing 3kg, the AC-ROV enables submersed targets to be easily accessed and viewed. Designed for one person use, the complete package weighs just 18kg. The system comprises the AC-ROV, surface control unit, intuitive 3D hand controller, monitor and stand, 120m tether cable, tether deployment system, tool kit and storm case. Full technical support is provided by a manual and online assistance.

Also on show is the Seaeye Falcon, a larger vehicle designed for a comprehensive range of submersed applications such as underwater environmental studies, water quality monitoring, aquaculture, ports and marinas, mining, tourism, boating and shipping industries.

Further information on ATSA and SeaVision Technologies is available at and .

BoatPoint celebrates 12 years at SCIBS

With the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show celebrating its 21st birthday this year, and now recognised as one of the premier marine shows in the world, it’s also an important anniversary for .

Twelve years ago at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, was launched as a brand new advertising and information medium for boat dealers and brokers.

Twelve years on and is part of the family of websites owned by Ltd, Australia’s number one online automotive and marine business.

That family was boosted one year ago by another marine website, when Carsales launched, specifically to service the fast-growing trailerable boat segment.

According to figures supplied by Boatpoint, total combined page Impressions on and peaked at almost 28 million in January this year, an increase of over 70 per cent on the same time in 2008, while total combined Unique Browsers exceeded 290,000.

Carsales’ general manager — marine, Tim Davies, told Marine Business: We now offer the marine industry in Australia the best of both worlds.

With, we provide a website for the premium and non-trailerable boat segment, while is aimed at the trailerable boat market, which accounts for about 85 per cent of industry sales in Australia.

Davies said that the importance of the internet had grown way beyond most people’s expectations back when was launched in 1997.

The online marine marketplace is a great medium for dealers and brokers, and and have every part of the marine industry covered, Davies said.

Davies said it was gratifying to know that Carsales’ substantial investment in its marine business was paying dividends in the form of satisfied dealers and brokers.

We’re completely focused on delivering value for money to our customers, and we can do this better than anyone in this business because our people are marine specialists, we understand the market, and we get results for our customers, Davies said.

The success of in a relatively short period proves that Ltd has the know-how to develop websites perfectly suited to specific markets, but also that the internet provides Australian marine consumers the most effective way to research and action their boat purchase, Davies said. and will be holding an exclusive function at the 21st Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show on Thursday 21st May 2009 for dealers and brokers, media and corporate clients.

Davies said the function is being held as an opportunity for the industry to get together in an informal atmosphere at the start of the Show, and a chance for Ltd to thank all its marine industry clients for their ongoing support.

Details of industry function

• Thursday 21st May (day 1 of the show)

5.00pm — 8.00pmLoesco Restaurant

Lounge Bar, 3a Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove, QLD

Contact: Natalie on (03) 9093 8708;

Joystick control

The new Joystick Manoeuvring System (JMS) from ZF Marine is a control system that, according to its makers, provides simple and intuitive boat control that can be matched to all ZF Marine CAN-based propulsion systems.

When interfaced with ZF Marine’s SmartCommand control system in a twin engine traditional shaft line application, JMS will provide the same ease of control expected from azimuth pod drive systems. Manoeuvres

such as sideways docking, 360-degree spot rotation, and other complicated moves — usually difficult with standard control levers — is said to become easy operations with the JMS system since it also controls engine speed and transmission shifting.

Additional features, such as Hold Heading, are integrated with an electric compass and keep the vessel on a specific course, fine tuning the propulsion system to compensate for wind, current, or other external forces. The Station Keeping function, integrated with a GPS receiver, enables the vessel to remain in an exact position and orientation with the press of a button.

Muir Anchoring Systems celebrates 40 years

In uncertain times consumers look to reliable, well known products that have a proven track record over a long period.

Celebrating 40 years in business, Muir Windlasses Australia said it is one such a company. Muir said in these times it is maintaining a steady as she goes approach, and a calm assurance to its customers which has allowed it to hold and increase market share.

We watch our business closely, and listen to our customers, said John Muir, owner of Muir Windlasses Australia. Being understanding of the difficulties the market is facing, and finding solutions for our clients in these times is just another way Muirs maintain strong relationships into the future.

We’re looking forward to the SCIBS this year, as it’s a chance for us to showcase our current products, and also the new additions to the Muir range.

We’re also in development stage for changes over the coming 12 months, again showing

our confidence in the future of the Industry, said Muir.

Muir manufacturing is based in Hobart, tasmania, with branches on the Gold Coast and Sydney, Florida, in the US and Southampton in the UK. It has distributors in all states of Australia, and close to 50 countries world-wide.

Grand Banks 41 Heritage EU

See the large Muir display of Anchoring Systems at the Sanctuary Cove Int’l Boat Show. Pavillion ‘A’ — Stand numbers 40 49.

MTU Series 2000

MTU, one of the world’s most advanced diesel engine technology and systems providers, will launch its newest Series 2000 marine engine at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. This newest version of the Series 2000 — the M94 — boasts the highest horsepower in its class and an improved power-to-weight ratio.

Horsepower has been increased by up to eight percent over the previous Series 2000 marine engine. The new power output ranges from 1193 kW (1600 bhp) up to 1939 kW (2600 bhp) at 2450rpm.

The M94’s increased horsepower and improved power-to-weight ratio was achieved thanks to MTU having the key technology know how, including turbo charging, fuel injection and engine control, all developed in-house.

Turbocharger selection was optimised for fuel consumption at cruise speed and its ability to generate higher boost pressure at lower engine speeds. This is one of the major advances for a reduction of a vessel’s acceleration time.

Another strong point of the MTU Series 2000 M94 engine is that it not only conforms to worldwide emissions standards, including EPA Tier 2 commercial and IMO, but also comes standard with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) certification. It features double wall fuel lines and triple wall water cooled turbocharger and exhaust routings that keep the engine surface temperature under 220 C. This low engine surface temperature is not only a matter of safety, but a matter of comfort as well — it translates into a comparatively low engine room temperature. The M94 has also been engineered to be a quiet engine, with one of the lowest sound pressures, even at idle or slow speed operation.

The M94 will be available to customers in 10, 12 and 16-cylinder configurations in May.

An 8-cylinder configuration will follow within the year.

The newest high performance marine engines of MTU Series 2000 M94 have a power output that ranges from 1200 kW (1600 bhp) up to 1940 kW (2600 bhp) at 2450rpm for the V10, V12, and V16 engines.

Falcon Rider F620

The new Falcon Rider 620 inflatable has been designed in Europe by inflatable boat innovators Brig.

Weighing just 550kg, the F620 is easy to tow and a breeze to launch. With an engine choice up to a maximum 150 hp, or twin 80 hp outboards, response is swift and safe. Its deep vee fibreglass hull ensures excellent stability, while the non-skid rigid fibreglass deck gives passengers a firm footing.

The F620 is also built to last thanks to the use of Hypalon for its inflatable pontoons, a synthetic rubber material noted for its resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes and exposure to UV light.

Brig designers have included a range of sensible fitments adding to the functionality and fun. Standard equipment includes a built in bow locker to keep your gear secure. A wide reinforced rubbing strake offers protection, while special foundry-cast portage handles along both sides make it easy to handle. If you’re using the F620 as a tender, there are two davit-lifting points for easy loading and unloading.

Options extend to a ski mast, while the accessory list includes an overall cover, bow stowage bag, lifting slings and a sun top.

Maritimo world debut

Maritimo will unveil five new models at Sanctuary Cove, together with the company’s proven designs that are now offered to markets worldwide. Making show debuts will be two of the company’s latest creations, the Aegean 60 and Aegean 55, both vessels based on the highly-successful Cabriolet range but incorporating a stylish, low-profile flying bridge. Two smaller versions of the original C60 Cabriolet will be further highlights of the Maritimo display, with the initial release of the C55 and C50 Cabriolet models.

The fifth of Maritimo’s new models will come as a surprise to industry observers — the all new Maritimo 56 Cruising Motoryacht, an imposing flying bridge motor yacht which brings new styling to the cruising motoryacht range. This is a world debut at Sanctuary Cove. It will have strong appeal to those who demand luxurious, long-range cruising. Peter Jenkins, the company’s national sales manager, said the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is always high on the Maritimo agenda.

R Marine (Grand Banks)

R Marine is displaying the Grand Banks 41 Heritage EU with Zeus drive units and joystick control. The display includes the luxurious Grand Banks 65 Aleutian RP and a range of Princess flybridge and sport models. R Marine MD Les Galbraith said the display offers luxury models for a wide range of boating needs.

Riviera world debut

Riviera is releasing the new 5800 Sport Yacht at Sanctuary Cove and the new 3600 Sport Yacht Series II with Volvo Penta IPS in world launches. The Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht is a four-cabin model powered by triple Volvo Penta IPS drive systems. The Riviera 5800SY is a centrepiece of the largest on-water display at the Show covering nearly 4000sqm. The display encompasses a range of Riviera Open and Enclosed Flybridge models, the 43 and 48 Offshore Express sport utility vessels and the complete range of Sport Yachts including the Riviera 3600 Sport Yacht Series II with Volvo Penta IPS drives. The Riviera 3600 Sport Yacht has undergone a major revision with the introduction of the IPS propulsion with a major internal change to allow the large aft cabin to run across the full beam. Extra space means the model now offers an aft cabin with two berths — a single and large athwartships double. The double berth hinges up to reveal a large storage space underneath. A cedar-lined hanging locker with automatic lighting is located between the two beds.

The Riviera 3600 Sport Yacht Series II has a LOA of 11.7m, beam of 3.83m and fuel capacity of 800L.

Markham Marine

Markham Marine is releasing in a world first at Sanctuary Cove, the Markham 9800. It is the first public showing of this power catamaran. Markham Marine’s Mark Hookham said the resin-infusion moulding construction gives the hull unequalled strength and uniformity in excess of traditionally moulded boat building methods. This results in a technologically advanced hull and deck engineered to provide improved results in every aspect of on-water performance. The Markham 9800 is designed to suit individual lifestyles as it is available in flybridge or express cab, and can be powered by inboard shaft drive, stern drives or outboards. The flexibility in design means the Markham 9800 can be fitted out with a range of options and interior finishes to suit individual owner requirements. The vessel offers a four metre beam with a spacious cabin and huge cockpit making it suitable for game fishing, family weekends or extended cruising. The company has orders and strong interest from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. The Markham 9800 power catamaran has an overall length of 9.76m, (10.39m with landing board), beam of 4m, draught of .7m or 1.15m with shaft drives. Fuel is 2 x 650L, water at 1 x 650L.

Northside Marine (Whittley)

Whittley Marine Group’s Cruiser 2600 makes a northern show debut at Sanctuary Cove with Queensland dealer Northside Marine. The model is developed from Whittley’s CR2800 flagship, delivering similar European-inspired style and is at home in a marina berth or a trailer. Northside Marine will also display a full range of Whittley Cruisers and Sea Legends at Sanctuary Cove’s Show. The CR2600 is for people who desire the comfort of a larger boat plus the flexibility and economy of a trailerable craft. With its smart styling, luxurious standard equipment and single-level living and sleeping, the CR2600 replaces the award winning CR2590 model. The new CR2600 has an overall length of 8.05m and is powered by a MerCruiser sterndrive of up to 320hp. Standard features include sun roof, pressurised hot water, fridge freezer, toilet, shower and the full clears and camper covers that complete every Whittley Cruiser.

Perry Catamarans

Australian company Perry Catamarans is showcasing the Perry 57 sail boat. The Perry 57 offers classic timber finishes, queen sized island beds in large staterooms, a forward sundeck and wide side decks for simple access forward and aft. It also has a wide range of options enabling the new owner to build exactly what they have been searching for, said the company.

Seapower Australia (MAN engines)

Seapower Australia is debuting the new generation MAN V8 and V12 diesel engines for yachts and pleasure craft. The new generation of V engines extends the MAN product portfolio up to 1800hp (1324kW) in this sector. The V8-1200 and V12-1800 make an Australian debut at Sanctuary Cove. The top performing V12-1800 diesel in the MAN Nutzfahrzeuge range generates a maximum torque of 6020Nm even at 1200rpm and accelerates at an impressive pace. The 12-cylinder brings yachts into the planing phase fast. Common rail direct injection enables fuel injection at very high pressure producing optimally smooth running and pleasant ride comfort. Two-stage turbo-charging also features in the engine’s technology. The engine is compact at 2087 x 1153 x 1275mm (L x W x H without gearbox) with a weight of 2365kg — at 1.31kg per unit of horsepower. A plate heat exchanger cools the V engines allowing flexible configuration of the cooling system. The unit comes with a space-saving and low-weight SAE1 flywheel housing. The V12-1800 generates a constant 1800hp between 2100 and 2350rpm. High strength materials such as steel pistons, permit gas pressures of up to 240 bar and ignition pressures of up to 1600 bar. The new V engines comply with current international exhaust directives. The exhibitor is also showcasing the MAN R6-800 inline engine. This slim 6-cylinder unit produces 800hp (588kW) at 2300rpm. It reaches its maximum torque of 2700Nm at 1200rpm. For yachts and speedboats, MAN offers eight powerful and compact diesel engines rated from 537kW to 1324kW.

Solas Propellers

Sanctuary Cove is the first Australian boat show to display Solas Propellers’ OverDrive range. The custom propellers are purpose-built to improve performance on heavy recreational and commercial applications. The OverDrive range applies to engines such as the Mercruiser GEN2 Sterndrive; Suzuki 175-300hp; Yamaha 350hp; Mercury Verado 300hp and Suzuki 140hp. This range offers a 20 per cent larger blade area than conventional propellers, said Steve Evans of Solas Propellers Warehouse.

Solas is the distributor of the Taiwanese made propellers. The company offers a five year rubber bush warranty on S/S 75hp to 300hp propellers. All Solas products are subject to strict quality controls that monitor the entire production process which includes material selection, casting, heat treatment, precise machining and inspection of the finished products to British Standards Institution (BSI) ISO9002 certificate.

We can identify the exact propeller that will give your boat outstanding performance, said Evans.

Boats that use incorrect or poorly selected propellers which do not match the boat, motor and hull can strain the motor and cause excessive fuel consumption.

JN Taylor’s Marine Electronics division, known as Furuno Australia, is releasing the Furuno FCV-295 Digital LCD Fish Finder and FCV-1150 Digital LCD Fish Finder in an Australian release at Sanctuary Cove. It is also showcasing the FI-50 range of navigational instruments. Also on display will be the latest advancements with Furuno’s NMEA award winning Navnet 3D integrated onboard navigation system. Unlike other onboard navigation systems, the core components of the Navnet 3D — chart plotter, radar and fish finder — are fully loaded with

new features including TimeZero technology and UHD and PDF advanced digital signal

processing. Designed and manufactured in Japan by Furuno Electric Co, the Australian distributors are JN Taylor and Co trading as Furuno Australia.

Yanmar — Power Equipment

Exhibitor Power Equipment is releasing in Australia the Yanmar ZT350 sterndrive. The new sterndrive is designed to support Yanmar’s popular BY2 and 6LPA Series of marine diesel engines. The hydrodynamic ZT350 Sterndrive boasts a new type of hydraulic clutch for smooth and quiet operation. The inclusion of precision forged gears brings Yanmar durability to a new level. Two counter-rotating propellers are used to maximise acceleration and enable tight-hold tracking in rough conditions.

Grand Banks 41 Heritage EU

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