Neutral Safety Switch — 1998 Four Winns Horizon — boat answers

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Four Winns 180 Horizon

Neutral Safety Switch — 1998 Four Winns Horizon

My husband asks: When starting the engine with the transmission in neutral, does the neutral safety switch remain open (disconnected) or closed to allow power to flow through it? I am receiving conflicting information via other sources. Basically, the boat won’t turn over. I just replaced the battery, cables, starter and cellenoid, and fuses circuit breakers have been checked. I’m thinking it’s got to be the neutral safety switch or the assist relay as these are the only remaining components.


[colour=Blue]Time to stop throwing parts at it till you find what the problem is. Here is a copy of a post I did about a year ago. Have no idea where it is now that this new software is up and running, and the search function doesn’t work yet.[/colour] So you hit the ignition switch so you can go home and either nothing happens, or you here a click from the engine, but the starter doesn’t crank. Now what. If you have a test light, you can find out in only a few minutes what the proble more

Wow! Well, now we see why you’re an Admiral! I just read this to my hubby. He was soooooo impressed. This is more than we’ve been able to get from even they guys wanting to impose labor charges for their time here in the Sacramento, CA area. We’ve printed your post and my husband just took it out to our 100-degree garage (well, OK, the garage is shaded so it may only be about 90 degrees in there). He’s been sweating it out (literally) all day so far and just got back from town where he picked up more

OK, Admiral Don. I’m back. Well, my husband just installed the new relay and went through each of your steps. he said that everything checked out as working properly. Guess what! The boat still won’t turn over. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Any suggestions now? I hate to bug you with this since it’s turning out to be a real pain but you’ve given us the most help so far. We sincerely appreciate it. I’ll await your reply. Thanks, again. Yagersmom more

Well, lets get down to some basics. What engine and drive combination and what year? Will the engine turn over by hand? Is the starter clicking or is there a hard clunk? more

Don! Hello! Good news! Looks like my husband just figured it out. Pardon my lack of knowledge of the proper terminology, but it looks like he had replaced the worng solenoid. Turns out the one he thought was not functioning properly was actually OK. The buzzing he heard had something to do with the oil pump? But the same part does a couple of different things? I don’t know. But he removed another of the solenoids and was able to try the new one in its place (I guess they’re basically the same bu more

So, he’s now on his way back to town to grad the right part. He has every confidence that once he puts it in, we’ll be good to go. Make sense? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Still don’t know what type engine you have, let alone what was buzzing, or why the start had anthing to do with what was buzzing. more

Buzzing sounds like the electric fuel pump maybe, Don. Hope your hubby had the engine connected to the muffs(water hose connector for the lower unit) when he started it? Or instantly shut off engine? But Congrats, wish all posts had this out come this fast. And yes Don S is a valuable person here as he is one of the more knowledgable gerus here, under paid, and over worked to help keep our boats going. more

[quote]Buzzing sounds like the electric fuel pump maybe, Don.[quote] Not necessarily. Depending on the make, you may not be able to hear the pump with just the key on. No info on make and model, no accurate answers. Some times you get lucky when throwing parts and money at things. But not always. more

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I was wondering what the top speed on my boat should be with this motor? Also what should the revs be at? The reason im asking. is because i can only get about 36 mph and the revs are around 4100( wi.

Doesnt seem like it adds any speed if i put the trim up any. I was thinking this motor should go to.

Just picked up a 1998 Four Winns Horizon 175 QX and am very happy so far. However there are a few problem with the gages. I’m new to boating and would like to be able to fix these problems myself it a.

First off I apologize for double posting but I cannot find the edit option,here are some pics of the.

We have a 1998 Four Winns 180 Horizon with a Volvo Penta 5.0 inboard/outboard engine. We just purchased this boat used and all of a sudden the boat will no longer go into neutral or reverse. Any ideas.

Replace the lower shift cable. or you can try adjusting it. follow the instructions in your manual.

5.7 engine volvo penta — trim gauge inopt. — up/down of drive works fine // when turn start end gauge peggs from down to up mode and stays — looking for help -bad ground.

Bad sender on the drive. Very common problem. They are also over $100 so your choice on if you reall.

I recently bought a ’86 4 Winns 190 Horizon with an OMC Cobra and a 305 5.0 L. This is my first boat and I am having trouble with it starting. I’ve taken it out a couple of times and it started great.

[QUOTE=pooldog;4318879 Grounds seem to be fine so I assume its the Neutral Safety Switch. How can I.

I recently had to order a new kill switch for my ’92 Four Winns Horizon 200. I figured in the meantime I could just bypass the switch. To do this I just connected the two purple wires directly togethe. Read more

Respects all; I just climbed out of my friends boat; the port engine suddenly will not crank with key. Gauges operate in ‘Run’. ‘Run’ is where we troubleshot the system. 1.) Checked batteries. all a.

On the velvet drive there is a neutral safety switch.almost opposite the shift cable attach

I have a 260HP, 350 Chevy with 4bbl carb. and 2 piece rear seal. Looking for a Neutral Shift or Neutral Safety Switch (some parts books call it by one or the other name).I am on the road and can chec. Read more

Hi, on my classic fifty i removed the cable that only allows you to start in neutral. it is a pull start and i had to remove it beacuse it was snagging on the bottom carb when selecting gears but now. Read more

I recently changed my prop and had this question. When you install the new prop once you place the prop nut on if it does not fit tightly and align with the cotter pin hole is ok to snug it down to ge.

OK to snug it down, don’t forget to put some marine grease on the prop shaft esp if running in salt.

I am about to buy a 1995 Four Winns 240 Horizon with the 5.8L. The specs say 255 HP at 45-48 MPH top speed. I know the wake is going to be huge behind this boat, but besides that, think she has enough.

I have 2 props for my boat. A 23 pitch for cruising/top speed, and a 19 pitch for when I’m towing.An.

Greetings. I have a 3.8L OMC I/O equipped Horizon 170. I have had trouble starting it this season (its first outdoors for the winter), but worked thru that with a little starter fluid and a new batter.

Purple/black normally goes to the small outer terminal on the starter solenoid, for 12 volts at cran.

Does anyone know anything about How does it compare to the Regal 18.

Quality wise, they are comparable. However, there can be a lot of differences in the appointments an.

I’m deciding between a Chap 183SS or a Winns Horizon 190. I’ve priced out two. Both have bow and cockpit covers, depth finders, hour meters, cd, bimini tops, standard features. All extras were factore.

Are the engine stringers wood on the Four Wins. Personal I think the Chap is a nicer looking boat.

Four Winns 180 Horizon

I recently read a boat test on the Four Winns 200 H. In this test the top speed was only 45 MPH. WTF.(maybe they the bimini up) I have the 2007 model with the 5.0 MPI Alpha 1.62 turning the factory V.

Question what did it do to your RPMs.

Hey Guys I have a 05 FW horizon 180 LE with the 4.3l V6 engine 190 hp. Four Winns claims that I should be getting 48-52 MPH. What do they use to measure speed? Speedo or GPS. Also what do they have on.

What are you running now at what rpm? 25. way overkill. I’ve seen them use GPS and radar before.

I have just purchased a 1996 Horizon 200 and the depth gauge does not seem to work properly, as I cruise the depth may register at 200, 400, 24.2 or something in between. It does not seem to be any mo.

Oh yea, I thought it might be important to mention that the gauge I have is built into the dashboard.

Got a chance to pick up a really nice used one. Guy agreed to let me have it for $3K. for the boat trailer. It has the 3.7L 4 cyl 170HP Mercruiser. Worth it or not? Never owned a stern drive.

No one. Anyone.

Can anyone tell me if there is foam used in my boat? From what I’ve read on here,it’s not required in a boat the size of mine.I think my boat is 23’3 or something like that..thanks.

I would say 99% yes.

I recently bought a 1994 Four Winns Horizon 180 SE with io. I had the engine checked out before the purchase and the mechanic said it was in good shape. The interior was torn out when I bought it, but.

More photos of the deck and rot.

I recently bought a used 1999 four winns horizon 170 with volvo 3.0 gs-sx drive. Does anyone know what prop diameter/pitch it would have been outfitted with originally from the factory/dealer. Read more

Here is my problem. I have a four winns horizon 200 with a 350 OMC and Cobra outdrive. The gear ration is 1.5 to 1. The first time I took the boat out it would only hit 3000 rpms. Found out the tach w.

Howdy, First things first. Go to the following link and do a little reading! Cheers, Rick Click the.

The digital depth finder has gone bad and I was wonder what everyone was using for a replacement. I talk with the dealer and he said the original setup was not available. The old would have to be comp.

For the depth finder I would guess that the dealer is probably right. Is it the factory installed un.

My son and I are completely restoring a 1980 Four Winns 17′ Horizon 170 for another son who is deployed overseas. The hull drain plug (Garboard Plug) on this boat is missing. The drain hole is a smoot.

Probably the rubber type expansion drain plug. -view_id.21696.

Four Winns 180 Horizon

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