Composite balloon figure and method of making the same — Curtis, Eugene E.

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1. A of forming composite balloon having a balloon within parent balloon the steps

inflating and the parent

squeezing a of said balloon to a discrete balloon connected said parent by a reduced cross-section region;

substantially said interface by compressing interface region;

said second inwardly into parent balloon said second is entirely by said balloon;

tearing skin of parent balloon is disposed to the end of inserted second to disengage second balloon said parent with said balloon remaining said parent and

sealing parent balloon said torn portion with second balloon

2. The defined in 1 wherein interface region sealed by one of second and balloon relative the other twist the region into compressive seal.

An inflated spherical balloon comprising a balloon having double wall over more half of sphere formed inflating and an elongate squeezing a of said balloon to said spherical connected to elongate balloon, sealing said moving said balloon completely said elongate and tearing skin of elongate balloon the outer of said balloon.



1. of the

The present relates generally balloon figures used in services, such for example club meetings, fairs, and like.


present invention the formation a composite figure having least one balloon within parent balloon that the contained within parent balloon visible from exterior of parent balloon. method of present invention the steps inflating and the parent and thereafter a portion the parent together to a second balloon connected the parent by an region. The region is a substantially cross-section than parent balloon is compressively sealed so to minimize of air the two Thereafter, the balloon is inwardly into interior cavity the parent until the balloon is encased by parent balloon. the skin the parent disposed adjacent outer end the inserted balloon is cut, or disengaged from second balloon from the balloon to the second to move within the of the balloon. The balloon is sealed to an inflated balloon containing smaller second in its cavity.

It an object the present to produce method for manufacture of balloon structures.

object of present invention produce a for the fabrication of composite balloon comprised of balloon within

Still another of the is to a composite structure comprised one balloon another.


The above and advantages the invention become readily to one in the from reading following detailed of a embodiment of invention, when in the of the drawings, in

FIG. 1 a perspective of an figure embodying features of present invention;

2 is side elevational of the figure illustrated FIG. 1;

3 is front elevational of the figure illustrated FIG. 1;

4 is top plan of the figure illustrated FIG. 1;

5 is elevational view an elongate balloon preparatory the formation a composite element of avian figure in FIGS.

FIG. 6 an elevational of the illustrated in 5 subsequent the formation parent and balloon portions

FIG. 7 an elevational illustrating the of inserting second balloon into the balloon portion the subsequent and sealing the parent and

Ferretti 46

FIG. is an view partially section of completed parent second balloon preparatory to employed in composite figure as illustrated FIGS. 1-4.


The present relates to composite balloon and a of making same. The balloon structure a parent containing a balloon inside parent balloon, formed from parent balloon. balloon within balloon structure particularly useful forming balloon of various and animals entertainment functions, as parties, meetings, carnivals, and the

FIGS. 1-4 a balloon FIG. 10 representing a swan or similar avian. form the FIG. 10, pair of elongate balloons and 14 inflated and The balloons and 14 crossed at center of longest axis twisted around other to a front 16. A joint 18 formed by the ends the balloons and 16 the end distal to front joint and twisting together. The 20 and of the 12, and ends 24 26 of balloon 14 outwardly from rear joint

The inflated 12 and represent the cage or portion of FIG. 10, the ends 22, 24 26 represent featured tail to avians.

elongate balloon is inflated, and the thereof are together to a generally wing-like structure. wing balloon is inserted the rib balloons 12 14 and maintained therebetween the natural of the material of balloons 12 14. The described throughout disclosure are elongate, tubular, balloons fabricated an elastomeric such as rubber, by casting.

To complete avian FIG. an elongate balloon 30 inflated, sealed processed, as be described greater detail to form second, self balloon 32 the interior the parent 30. After second balloon is formed, parent balloon is contoured form an 34, neck and snout configuration to parent balloon

The steps the method forming the balloon 32 the parent 30 are in FIGS. The elongate balloon 30 a first 40, a portion 42, a second 44. As most clearly FIG. 5, the parent 30 is the second 44 is closed and snout 38 fashioned at first end

The small, second balloon is formed squeezing the portion of second end together. Upon an interface 46 of reduced cross-section to the balloon 30 formed. To the air the newly second balloon the interface 46 is upon itself prevent any interchange of between the cavity 48 the parent 30 and internal cavity of the balloon 32. number of methods are to compress interface region but the and preferred is to the parent 30 and second balloon relative to another five six times form a seal between parent balloon and second 32.

As illustrated FIG. 7, the interface 46 is the second 32 is into the 48 until is completly inside. A 52 is at the end 44 the parent 30, as second balloon advances into cavity 48 the parent 30. The 52 covers all of outer surface skin of second balloon since the balloon is the parent 30. The balloon 32 pushed inwardly an annular 54 is at the of the 52. Once flap 54 formed at end of fold 52, flap 54 torn from parent balloon along the line in 7. The formed periphery of the end 44 the parent 30 is sealed, by for example, producing a article comprising parent balloon containing the balloon 32 the internal 48 thereof, illustrated in 8.

FIG. clearly illustrates the second 32 is complete self-sealed wherein the skin of fold 52 contracted to cover the skin of second balloon The fold functions as outer skin the second 32 to contain air enable the balloon 32 remain inflated substantial periods time.

After the balloon 32 been formed the patent 30, the balloon 30 contoured to the neck, and abdomen 36, 38 34, respectively the avian 10.

The avian FIG. may be as an tool, such for example, the goose laid the egg in tale presentations for young

In accordance the provisions the patent I have the principle mode of invention, and illustrated and in the embodiment what considered its embodiment. It understood that, the scope the appended the invention be practiced than as illustrated and in the embodiment and alternatives herein.

Ferretti 46
Ferretti 46
Ferretti 46
Ferretti 46
Ferretti 46
Ferretti 46
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