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Colinda s restaurants excursions Review of

We stayed Colinda s 11/1 — We flew to BZE, a cab the airport the water pier ($25 2 people) then took water taxi Caye Caulker rt for people). We our water tkts in online to time at pier in event our had been and we tight for and for slight discount. taxi ride approx 45 to CC.

can also on Tropic to Caye Cost was $280/rt for people. If keep in these are Cesna Caravan They are for everyone to size! Air offers seat privileges SWA pilots They offer 20% discount all other employees.

Golf taxis are at the for you CC. $5 a ride Colinda s Linda, the will call taxis if/whenever need them the wk. we never them again. is a walk or ride so need in opinion other when hauling luggage to/from water taxi If you in to the airport a very walk from s even dragging luggage, keep in you are luggage on trails. I sure the would call golf cart for you. shorter distance Colindas from airport than water taxi

We stayed the upper front unit I would preferred the ocean front above the property b/c has a unobstructed view. unit has palm tree has grown the patio and partially the view. am not b/c it still very but if book in and are to request unit vs other I

The properties exactly as and shown Pictures on web site very realistic. paid $140/nt- front suite. was a more than ocean/beach front I researched. Colinda s much more the money offered other at a price of I felt $140/nt was than fair on the below:

2 included w/ Bike or is the transport on island. If had to them it be $10/day/bike. we had elsewhere we have rented bikes for entire wk that would been an $20/day.

Kayaks snorkeling equipment for all to use of charge: you had rent kayaks were $10/hr rent elsewhere the island. sure how snorkeling equipment for. Colinda did not fins, though. masks and There really not much to be on the from land. really need take an to get further to any good life. I zero luck seeing any near the all week snorkeling, kayaking SUP (see I know said they a few Perhaps it just my luck w/ nature. Would loved if s had few foam noodles available. were many I swam the end the dock a few Had there foam noodles would have in the much longer because! $2 which I would be alot by

Size of Unit: The was very in comparison other units saw on island. We in hotels for work when traveling pleasure we to have space. The feel of hotel room it seem work to instead of There was good size room, small room, large patio, efficiency large bathroom room for people getting at the time) and bedroom. The did not a microwave, which would preferred over stove. We in numerous after picking up at local restaurant. were plentiful we would leftovers. A would have great! The is in bedroom and in the room. Would preferred in living room evenings when goes to and the stays up, when it raining, afternoon from the etc.

Pier multiple decks covered area hammocks: Most beach front I researched not have pier. They just had sandy area the water edge w/ for the Many other are right the main path so would have foot traffic passer bys it s area shared all at property. Colinda pier is up so are 4 platforms and is covered. s is near the of the walking area you had little passer traffic.

Cleared area around pier: Most beach front did not to have the sandy in the in front their property. I wouldn want to there. Colinda clears the around the and it a nice bottom and for swimming. the only option for was really Split at other end the island.

The units closely located the restaurants, etc of Street, but towards the of the drag. Therefore, are out the way the foot as people along the more privacy less noise. example, if stay near Split you hear all music and At Colinda it was peaceful and

Upkeep: Colinda appears to one of better kept on the Of course did not inside all other properties, based on outside look all the we saw inside a properties we in) their is one the better not the kept.

Air Air conditioning NOT the in Caye Be sure research this choosing where stay. It not as as you think, though. unit had cond. in bedroom. The ocean front get great and it never an but having air cond night for was worth Also, when rained hard was difficult have windows for a we were for air the bedroom.

water: No to buy water. They purified drinking in your More $$

Wifi: Free provided in unit and connections. Never a problem. sure if places provide wifi or but assume don t. several restaurants town that free wifi diners so some properties t offer

For all reasons I the slight in price Colinda s front property well worth extra money. all the provided it became a And again, price difference t really much. Our full day the island a complete out due rain. Then were really to have bigger unit more space of feeling in a unit w/ air and so hard couldn t the windows!

If you on a then I recommend staying Colinda s their other You still all the of the bikes and pier, swimming etc. Prices other units from $60-120/nt. smaller and don t kitchens, but just as We researched of other prior to stay and at a of places our stay. would book property again down!

Things Do:

Diving: of dive on the Husband is advanced diver dove The Hole. Therefore, wanted the reputable dive due to nature of dive. Chose Diving Services. + $30 rent equipment. Hole is the #7 Dive spot the World it lived to it reputation. It a long (arrive at shop 5:15 return 5 pm). Other shops on island, but was the dive he Others I were a less expensive, often smaller My husband larger boats for this which was 2+ hr ride to dive spot(s). their dive also appeared be nearly new. Good of divers dive masters. think for divers they 4-5 dive

Snorkeling: A of operators choose from. seems to the most and the always looked BlackHawk Sailing another choice. Creek Tours the same tours, but a sail He is completely different Snorkeling with sharks and rays is must do! have snorkeled sting rays but it always a environment. This much more and back nature instead feeling commercialized.

this trip used BlackHawk for our day (10:30 4:30 ish) adventure. $60/person. was $70/person. used sail but Ragamuffin a larger and definitely people and crowded. We 4 people our tour us. Ragamuffin looked to 20+ people. there were few things point out. (tour operator) w/ us the a.m. less than We signed for the 2 days advance. He check in me at a.m. the of the to make we have least 2 people sign and are going. I him our and where were staying case he to contact The night the tour sent him email to if we still going. t receive response so at his at 9:08. was upset he had turned away people b/c didn t we were Another couple up and talked him to taking When we up 2 prior I about paying cr card. said no Came time pay that and he not happy us using card and really, you t have cash? The couple needed use a card too his response oh $h!t! he also failed to us 2 ago was was a surcharge for the card. he had me that would have cash. Prefer use the card and the frequent miles, but for $12 Another item he said would be burgers or burgers. Veggie turned out be a on fresh bread from local bakery lettuce, tomato cucumber. Very but that not a BURGER. That a veggie The fish was also a burger. was canned or fish some sort he used make tuna salad sandwiches lettuce and Again, very but that not a Fresh fruits served after 1st snorkel. conch ceviche rum punch served on sail back CC. Snorkeling very good, that has to do him. That mother nature luck of draw on you see don t I might this tour again solely on the of passengers his trips Ragamuffin. However, would first around and if I find another operator first.

Ras Creek He has old boat he has in to lot of The boat is part the experience. is parked The Split. snorkeling tours 12-5 ($50/person?). sunset tours 5:30-7 ($20/person). went one to take sunset tour. still had day snorkelers board cooking dinner (fresh fish from trip that He told he wasn going out a sunset b/c it cloudy, but come aboard join the (only 2 couples). He to feed dinner. He t ask any $$, we of left him for feeding He allows to bring own beverages board if like. $10 6 beers the bar door.

Stand Paddle Boarding Contour Ocean is the SUP on island. This my favorite of the We did sunset paddle and was for first Tour was for $30. owner said you want at 4 we ll you just around in water for to practice. was supposed end at but really closer to Really got money s Paddled to Split and just as sun was down we on our to have beer, and the sun down we for a more before back. Not hard as thought, but also do lot of and core My husband it was bit more but he also still from a ankle. They several different but would this one first give a try rent by hour to around on own. They a SUP and a Yoga class. wanted to both, but I was only person up and class was offered. Contour offers wind lessons, but did not this.

Island Anda Da Tours offers fun tour the island pulling you the boat an intertube while enjoying favorite beverage! did not to do tour. They a minimum 4 people no one ever signed besides my and I.

Beach Massage: are several places to a massage spa treatment. if you just before Split (later the wk was located to The there is set up the beach. treatments were hour. However, Monday he offering a of $30/hr any treatment. did an job. Send spouse to Lazy Lizard door for $10 bucket beer while are getting massage and him/her to you one. there are tables side side so them join Not sure this $30/hr was random offered every I m if he not officially it you negotiate if looked slow day!

Random They are on Front across from Paddle Boarding. offer a and sunset class. All of experience No cost. requested. Sunrise sunset offered alternate days. at 6 and sunset 5 pm. t not the sunrise but definitely the sunset

Nature Trail: the south of the is a trail. You very little about it Trip Advisor, You don hear many on the talk about No idea Good place a hike, bike ride a run. of the plants are and they somewhat groomed From the Tropical Paradise through the to the front. Follow beach front Colinda s and just on the You ll the airport just keep We were to take full trail at one it was out b/c the recent

Kayak and rental: If hotel/cabana does provide bikes kayaks I definitely recommend for at a few We used kayaks almost day of trip. The is very all around island. The is also good so could possibly alot while I had luck and almost nothing week, but said they lots of sting rays, Again, that mother nature it s gamble what will and t see.

I know are a of options fishing tours. is not we are in so don t any information these tours.

Movie Theater: did not this out our visit. had wanted but the shown where ones we interested in. believe they only shown M/W/Fr, but this. $6/person they sell etc. It outdoors so sure to your skin soft or to avoid fleas.

Manatee We did do this We have swam w/ in FL. on the I spoke this tour be a disappointment in You do get in water with and it hit or if you just a


Soooo dining options choose from this little You ll extremely well very reasonably MANY places offer a lobster meal veggie, rice, all for Many will offer a rum punch from like pm. Portions large everywhere go and husband and typically split meal. Some the places enjoyed:

Enjoy Bar Restaurant: On Street near pier. We a chicken veggies, rice, bread (he brought us bread at charge) for This same after 5 also included rum punch dessert.

Grills the beach: are several which just a grill up along beach serving the local Don t these places Good food good deals.

Located on Street. Walked one evening they were on the $10 for chicken, mashed garlic bread 2 rum Even gave more garlic for no charge. One more favorite

Panda Dragon from Frans): a hamburger fries for However, we personally ate

Blue Water Can t the side it is on, but located behind Yoga. Sorry! good and inexpensive. Lobster $7.50, HUGE burrito $4 $2 for local appetizer. don t up the that look someone put few picnic in their and will for you. meals!

Barrier Sports Bar: did not there. Stopped a drink 1st night check it b/c it so talked on Trip Quickly realized s not us. Was and service If you to watch favorite team, this seems be the to go perhaps the place to

Tropical Paradise: restaurant is closest to s Cabanas. dining. We the lobster Probably our favorite meal the wk. expensive, worst and smallest Bucket of beers came free chips salsa = $10 for beers is anywhere else, they were only place saw who threw in chips and (one small only, no (2) Lobster w/ 2 sides was Solidified our thought of are better dine at off the path places.

s: Morning rolls — cents each. early b/c out by ish. Everyone about them Trip Advisor. t my They were soft, fluffy fresh, but were dry my opinion. do not any frosting. be good coffee drinkers dunk in

Caye Caulker Cinnamon rolls $1.00. They larger than ones at s and thought they MUCH better! had frosting them, raisins some type jam cooked Much preferred to the at Glenda that everyone about.

Breakfast There are vendors who breakfast tacos a street We had small chicken tacos for

Syd s: chicken and potatoes for Very popular was good, preferred a other places tried.

Chan Offers take meals. All $5 ish. tried the chicken + + potato for $3.50. on a street.

Marins: top dining on the street down Tropical Paradise. had (2) inch burritos 2 beers $11. Serve as well. of my fav meals. and off beaten path is what prefer.

88 Taco Tuesday day long! tacos which somewhat small, very good. near Belize Services on Street. Otherwise, thought their were high considering they near the of the

Wish Willys: final meal the island at Wish s. Great to finish trip. All are $7.50 include veggies rice. He typically brings free cocktails in the if you still around. had 2 4 beers he brought 4 rounds free rum Only charged $20! My had spicy I had veggie plate friends we had jerk and the plate. Everyone

Delivery: Heavy most of last day the island Found out places will for an charge of


Grocery Many options, like any Caribbean island are high. found the option to the one by Colindas. are located Middle Street China Town

Slow Season: part of is still slow season. were some that were open, just and/or we issues w/ not having people and canceled. We this wk yr for wedding anniversary. love it wherever we it s We ve had an w/ tours canceled, etc. we usually up w/ small and private tours. island is lot smaller, so its bit different. keep this mind. Prior your trip t be on certain on certain especially if slow season. am usually planner, but much more w/ this If Sep/Oct/Nov may find tours are available or canceled b/c enough interest.

fleas: Take so soft some type oil to yourself against sand fleas. s Cabanas this on owners patio available for at all Be sure use it. night of using it you won forget again!

bottles: We travel w/ empty water to fill our travels. s offers water cooler each unit was perfect filling our each day of buying

Rain: In event of there is much else do on island. In there is to do Our last day on island was complete wash Was glad had a odds and of food our cabana we didn have to out and along the Colinda s a rain and umbrellas for us. is also available for fee.

All all, EXCELLENT We are active people were concerned would not enough to NEVER once that way. s Cabanas a gem a place stay. Wish could find like this stay everywhere travel! Favorite Stand Up for me Blue Hole for my Favorite meal: Willy s both of

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Crownline 280 CR boat
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